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Vico Olling (1971) is the writer of the book Martin H. He worked for two and a half years on this book which shows, among many other things, what happens when a familymember turns into a criminal.

Martin H. was released in June 2021 and became an instant success in The Netherlands. One of the things that contributed to this was that the son of Martin Hoogland, Jeoffrey, worked together with Olling to make the book as personal and emotional as it was possible.

Martin H. isn’t Olling’s first book. In 2017 he released De Kouwe Ouwe (The Old Man), a book about the life and times of Stanley Hillis, one of the most dangerous gangsters in The Netherlands. This book was also a success; a tv-series was made for Dutch television. In 2019 he released Bij De Neus (At The Nose) about the case around the infamous Dutch criminal Willem Holleeder, whose nickname is De Neus (The Nose). Holleeder is one of the kidnappers of Freddy Heineken in 1983.

Vico Olling has been a crimejournalist since 2004. He worked as a crimechef for the famous Dutch weekly magazine and website Panorama and was responsible for numerous articles about criminals and their actions. His work there was not unnoticed: on one hand Panorama was the leading magazine about crime in The Netherlands, on the other hand the office of Panorama had been attacked by an antitank rocket in the summer of 2018. It seems that some criminals were not so happy with the stories of Panorama.

In the summer of 2021 Olling decided to leave Panorama. Nowadays he is working as a freelance crimejournalist for different mediacompanies to advice them in making crimestories for tv. Besides that he is also working on a new book that should be out in 2023.

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